Carlsbad Beach Summer Triptych

This three-panel composition took several months to complete. I had decided to document the process before I even selected the subject matter, so I videoed parts of many painting sessions.

Watch the seven-minute video "My Approach to Oil Painting" to watch my photo shoot  at a local Carlsbad beach, combine images in Photoshop to create a composition, use my "projector technique" to sketch the scene, and apply layers and layers of brushstrokes—all while discussing my philosophy of painting.

Carlsbad Beach Summer – Triptych ~ Jefferey & Diana Schaefer, Beam Orthodontics, Encinitas, CA (2016) 108 x 48 (3 canvases of 36 x 48)
On the wall at BEAM Orthodontics, Encinitas, CA

The Individual Canvases