These short videos, which are hosted at YouTube, show the painting process for various pictures. Some only show images of the canvas as it is developed, and others go into greater depth about technique. Enjoy!

Painting Venice in a Pandemic

See 20 pictures of Venice painted during the coronavirus pandemic of 2020, plus the process of painting a seven-foot wide, six-canvas composition of the Doge's Palace Flooded. 7:57

 Projector Process for Oil Painting

Leigh paints "Birds in Flight" by projecting a photo on the canvas, and narrates the process of creating this vibrant painting. 2:52

Balboa Park Botanical Building

Slideshow follows the entire painting process of this one picture. Includes a time-lapse and details.  1:26


The first half of this slideshow shows the rock sculptures being built, the second half shows how they get painted.  2:54

Swan River Painting

An atmospheric collage with photos of the Swan River, subsequent watercolors, and the final painting. 3:37

Caedmon's Bike Trip

Leigh's niece, Caedmon, rode her bike from coast to coast and blogged along the way. Here are her photos and his watercolors. 3:07

My Approach to Oil Painting

Follows the step-by-step painting of a 9-foot wide triptych. Both technical and philosophical. 7:09

The process of painting a seven-foot wide, six-canvas composition of "The Doge's Palace Flooded," a commentary on climate change and its effects on coastal cities. 1:30

Waterfront: Sapa, Vietnam

Taking his son, Charlie's photo as a source, this slideshow follows Leigh's gradual progress with this painting. 1:03

Bob Tremmel Remembers Vietnam

Biography of a 93-year-old veteran of The Battle of Iwo Jima, who explains what it was like to be there. (not painting related) 22:17

Balboa Park Centennial Paintings

A slideshow of the original photos and resulting paintings for the Balboa Park Centennial series. 2:52

3 Big Carlsbad Beach Paintings

A slideshow showing the progress of 3 big beach paintings and details of the finished compositions.  2:09

12 Days in Paris

A dreamy slideshow of Paris and Giverny that shows the photos, paintings, and palettes for each of the 12 pictures.  2:54

Snug Harbor

An early video, Leigh captures this painting's stages and caps it off with footage of the entire landscape. 2:12