Featured are oil paintings, short videos, and a blog by Leigh Cohn, who is self-taught and uses a projector technique. He has given away more than 250 artworks, which are hanging in the offices of the Balboa Park Conservancy in San Diego, Carlsbad City Hall, homes, and offices. Each year he selects a specific theme, and this year's is described below.

I’ve lived in a coastal city most of my life and the beach has given me serenity and inspiration. This year's goal is to raise $10,000 through kind donations from my artwork supporters and by offering paintings in exchange for donations to the Ocean Conservancy.

As of July 15th, the fundraiser has received donations of $9,936, including paintings that fetched $100 to $1,500. In September, I will offer more than 20 paintings and will send an announcement to my subscribers (sign up at the bottom of the page).

My fundraising page has entertaining updates, and 30 assorted paintings that I've given to donors are displayed there. Check it out!

Please support my "Painting with a Purpose" project by making a small contribution today!  

Pam's Terns (diptych)
2022  •  96 x 36 ~ Pamela Whitfield, San Diego [$1,500 donated to the Ocean Conservancy]
Pam's Terns (diptych) 2022 • 96 x 36 ~ Pamela Whitfield, San Diego [$1,500 donated to the Ocean Conservancy]

While recently looking through a 2002 photo album, a striking photograph fell out of the book. Taken from a cruise ship in the Alaska Passage during an ill-fated family vacation, I knew instantly that it could be used to create a powerful painting, especially on a large canvas:

Mendenhall Glacier, AK: Twenty Years Ago (2022) 60 x 36
Two of these Carlsbad Beach paintings will be among the 20+ to be offered in September, 2022.

The Balboa Park Conservancy in San Diego has 20 paintings of local scenes on display.

"My Approach to Oil Painting,"  "Bob Tremmel: Remembering the Battle of Iwo Jima," and more.

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