Carlsbad Beaches

From my home a mile away, I'm fortunate to have a slight view of the Pacific Ocean; but, when I want to embrace myself in its wonder, I go there, face the water, and lose myself by watching the endless ocean. It seemingly stretches forever beyond the horizon, and the waves never stop rolling in and out. Whatever life brings, I feel the negative ions cleanse my soul and am filled with inspiraton.

Three Big 2021 Paintings of My Favorite Beaches

In Leigh's studio with 3 Carlsbad beach paintings

I spent five months in 2021 painting these three large canvases depicting local beaches. Identified by their local surfer names, they are Terramar, Turnaround, and Saint Malo.

Turnaround Beach

Far off on the southern horizon is the La Jolla Peninsula, and due east (not shown) are the Carlsbad Flower Fields, which bloom in the spring. Turnaround is a sacred place for me. After the deaths of my sister in 1993 and mother four years later, I scattered a bit of their ashes in the waves below. I often stand here, think about mortality, and am grateful to be alive.

Turnaround Beach, Carlsbad (2021) 72 x 48

Terramar Beach

I often walk my dog, Cozy, back and forth on the cliffs between Terramar and Turnaround beaches. Terramar is the best surfing spot in Carlsbad and is pretty exclusive to local hot shots and old guys. This composition is based on photos I took for a series in 2019 (shown lower on this page).

Surfers at Terramar Beach ~ Kris Vanderweit, Carlsbad (2021) 72 x 48

Saint Malo Beach

After two months of struggling with a different composition, I started over on the same canvas. Saint Malo is at the border between Carlsbad and its northern neighbor, Oceanside at the inlet to the Buena Vista Lagoon. (Watch the 2-minute slideshow to see the transformation from failed picture to this one.)

Saint Malo Beach, Carlsbad (2021) 72 x 48

Smaller Beach Paintings

Terramar Point ~ Adam Morisoli, Carlsbad Village Pharmacy 2018 • 20 x 16
Surfs Up at Terramar #2 ~ Rick Bishop, Denver, CO 2019 • 30 x 24
Surfs Up at Terramar #3 (Self-Portrait) 2019 • 30 x 24
Surfs Up at Terramar #1 Tomás Herrera-Mishler, San Diego, CA 2019 • 30 x 24
Golden Sky over South Carlsbad State Beach ~ Melissa Rubbo, Escondido, CA 2013 • 30 x 24
Terramar Tide Pools ~ Mattias Cape, Seatle, WA 2018 • 24 x 12
New Year at Terramar ~ Sam Menaged, Philadelphia, PA 2012 • 14 x 11
Shore Fishing at Warm Waters ~ Jenni Schaefer, Austin, TX 2013 • 20 x 16
Jogger above Warm Waters ~ Jeffrey Frazier, Escondido, CA 2004 • 30 x 24