Morro Bay Themes

My wife and I love the Central Coast community of Morro Bay, CA and spend as much time there as possible. At the foot of the harbor lies Morro Rock, a 576-foot high extinct volcano that never fails to touch me in a profoundly centering, spiritual way. Fortunately, we have great friends with a vacation rental, where we always stay. I store an entire set of painting supplies in the house, and I typically paint for several hours daily. Otherwise, we regularly take bicycle rides on the beach, go on excursions with our dog, and bask in the beauty of this quiet town.

One of my most frequently painted subjects, many of these are quick studies, though others have rich details.

A wide-aray of Central Coast themes including nature, rural settings, backroads, harbor, and beachs.

Standing in front of his nine-foot wide composition is almost like being at the beach!