Available Paintings

The paintings shown on this page are only being made available for two weeks from November XX-XX, 2018.

Paintings will be given away to individuals who request them during that time. In the likely event that more than one person wants the same canvas, Leigh will decide who gets it. Preference will be given in this order, to people who: (1) Leigh knows but do not currently own a painting, (2) Leigh does not know but have a compelling desire to get a picture, (3) already have at least one painting (although other members of their household will get priority if they are not listed on this website already as an owner).

Although paintings are given away, shipping and handling rates will be required (unless the picture is picked up in person), and costs of framing will be added, if applicable. Leigh will provide the amount based on the size of the canvas, whether or not it is framed, and where it needs to be sent. A check made out to "Leigh Cohn" will need to be received before the painting is shipped.



If there is an Available Painting on this page you'd like Leigh to give you, request it on the Contact Us form betwen November XX-XX, 2018. Provide the following information:

• Your name, address, phone number, and email address (none of this information shall be shared).

• The name of the painting(s) you are requesting. It is a good idea to offer up to five alternative selections in the order of your preference.

• Any additional information you want to share with Leigh to persuade him that you should be given preference (see above criteria) if there are multiple people interested in the same painting, which is likely.


What happens next?

During the week of November XX, Leigh will notify individuals by email if they have been chosen to receive paintings. They may choose to decline if they are not satisfied with the alternative option selected for them or if they do not wish to pay the quoted shipping charge. Paintings will be shipped within a few days of payment.


AVAILABLE PAINTINGS will be posted in November, 2018.

The date will be announced to everyone who receives our blog. Sign up (below).