Available Paintings

No paintings are currently being offered.

If you requested any of the following paintings that were offered November 18 – December 9, 2019, you will be notified shortly.

There were more than 100 specific requests from 40 people who asked for paintings. Unfortunately, there were only 25 offered and not everyone could get a picture. Thank you to everyone who responded to my offer and to all the viewers who enjoy my artwork.

Water Lilies

Since this was "My Year of Monet" (MYOM), I lead off the available paintings with water lilies.The first is the only large canvas being offered this time. I wrote about this painting in the MYOM#4 blog.

De Young Water Lilies ~ Vishakha Gigler, San Diego 48 x 36 • 2019

You can see how the colors peek through the numerous layers and countless brushstrokes in the details below (click on any pictures to enlarge):

The next four are smaller canvases and are all based on photos I took at San Diego's Balboa Park in the Springtime. I enjoyed using different color palettes for each picture. The reflection of the California Tower is in the upper left of #3. That's the building I painted for the 2016 Balboa Park Explorer Pass.

Water lilies in Balboa Park #1 ~ Daniel Smith, Austin, TX 2019 • 24 x 18
Water lilies in Balboa Park #3 ~ Anna Shreve, El Paso, TX 2019 • 24 x 18
Water lilies in Balboa Park #2 ~ Annie Levowitz, Tijuana, Mexico 2019 • 24 x 18
Water lilies in Balboa Park #4 ~ Amelia Eastman, La Jolla, CA 2019 • 24 x 18

I'm hesitant about offering the next painting because it's a bit offbeat for me, and as I wrote in MYOM#3, "I was on the verge of destroying it throughout most of the process. Totally exasperated, I amended the background with spare bits of colors from other pictures and let myself go with the lily pads. Ultimately, I think I captured a bit of Monet’s free flowing brush strokes in a more modernist style, which seemed fitting given that his late-career, decorative paintings influenced the evolution of Abstract Expressionism."

Yellow Lily
30 x 24  •  2019
Yellow Lily 30 x 24 • 2019

Morro Rock Series

Steeped in my Monet studies, I decided to do five quick paintings of Morro Rock when we visited Morro Bay for two weeks this Fall. Like Monet, I stuck to the same view but in different lighting and atmospheres; and like his, they are on different-sized canvases.

I'm offering three of them this time. Click to see the others and 15 years of Morro Rock paintings (not being offered at this time).

Morro Rock Series #5 (Fog Rolling In) ~ Johanna McShane, Lafayette, CA 2019 • 20 x 16
Morro Rock Series #3 (Sunset) ~ Brian Pickett, La Jolla, CA 2019 • 14 x 11
Morro Rock Series #2 (Fog Effect) ~ Martha Levine, Camp Hill, PA 2019 • 14 x 11

The Super Bloom

If you read MYOM#1, you'll remember that my friend, George, drove me to Anza-Borrego Desert during last Spring's "super bloom" of wildflowers. Here are the three paintings from that excursion:

Anza Borrego Super Bloom #1 ~ Annie Moyer, Brooklyn, NY 2019 • 20 x 16
Anza Super Bloom #2 (Ocotillos) ~ Art and Rochelle Lipson, Cottonwood Heights, UT 2019 • 20 x 16
Anza Super Bloom #3 (The Couple) 2019 • 20 x 16

Washington State Hikes

The top two pictures were from photos I took on Whidbey Island when visiting my son, Charlie, in Seattle. The bottom two are based on photos he took while hiking in the Cascade Range.

Several of Charlie's friends have become fans of my paintings, and last year one of them from San Diego—whom I had never met—received a nine-foot-wide triptych from me.

Whidbey Island, WA #1 ~ 2018 • 24 x 18
Windy Pass (WA) ~ Beth Sweitzer, Scarborough, ME 2019 • 20 x 16
Whidbey Island, WA #3 ~ Mary Ann Lane, Colorado Springs, CO 2018 • 20 x 16
The Enchantments (WA) ~ Tom & Christine Habib, Carlsbad, CA 2019 • 20 x 16

Two More from the "Paint Like Monet" Study

These are two of the garden paintings from my "Paint Like Monet" exercise, which I wrote about in MYOM#3. The Mexican Sage Brush were from a photo I took at Palisades Park in Santa Monica. It is the only painting from the exercise that has a visible horizon line. The second canvas is from a photo I took while visiting Monet's Giverny home in 2012.

Palisades Park Santa Monica  ~  Ian & Maria Blanche, Los Angeles, CA
30 x 20  •  2019
Palisades Park Santa Monica ~ Ian & Maria Blanche, Los Angeles, CA 30 x 20 • 2019
Giverny Flower Garden  ~  Art & Beatriz Jacobson, Murietta, CA  36 x 18  •  2019
Giverny Flower Garden ~ Art & Beatriz Jacobson, Murietta, CA 36 x 18 • 2019

Click on the details below to see closeup brushstrokes and accents of color. [Sorry, this painting is no longer available.]

Four Pacific Ocean Landscapes

One of my favorite Carlsbad beaches to paint, this entry, "Surf's Up at Terramar #2" is on thick stretcher bars and does not requite a frame (though it wouldn't hurt!). Last year I gave a Terramar picture to a high school friend of Charlie's, and when our local pharmacist admired it but couldn't have it, I gave him another one I had held on to for awhile.

I painted three more views this year: I gave #1 to my friend at Balboa Park for his home and am offering #2 here; for now I'm holding on to #3.

Surfs Up at Terramar #2 ~ Rick Bishop, Denver, CO 2019 • 30 x 24

The whole step-by-step painting process of the two Santa Barbara pictures (below) is described at MYOM#2: They are based on photos taken from the same spot, one looking out toward the ocean and the other facing inland. This was a favorite beach to take our sons to when they were little and we lived in Santa Barbara.

Hendry's Beach, Santa Barbara ~ Larissa Rice, Temecula, CA 2019 • 24 x 18
Hendry's Arroyo Burro, Santa Barbara ~ Chris & Shery Walker, Santa Clarita, CA 2019 • 24 x 18

I wrote about the emotions that went into this effort in my blog article, "Painting Pain." It's actually a very peaceful and meditative small painting:

Stormy Sunset ~ Roger & Marci Harris, Boulder City, NV 2018 • 18 x 14

Two Past Years' Panoramas

I like painting with panoramic dimensions. Both of these have been available previously. I took a new photo of the fence, because the earlier one didn't represent it as well. Below that is a pastoral scene from a photo I took on a train when visiting my son, Neil, in The Netherlands a couple of years ago.

Fence on a May Gray Day ~ Private Party, Santa Barbara, CA 2015 • 24 x 8
Red Windmill ~ Ana Miletic Sedy, San Diego, CA 2017 • 24 x 8