Available Paintings 2021

The paintings on this page were given away in December, 2021.

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Please use the Contact Us form or send me an email any day until November 30, 2021. If you don't receive an acknowledgment to your request within a few days, write again!

Provide the following information:

• Your name, city, state, and email address (none of this information shall be shared: Privacy Policy).

• The name of each painting you are requesting. Due to demand, it is a good idea to offer a few alternative selections in the order of your preference.

• Additional comments, such as, "I'd like this picture because…," "It will go on such-and-such wall and be regularly seen by...," "I'll be able to come to Carlsbad, CA and pick it up...," etc.

Criteria for Getting a Picture

Most paintings are requested by more than one person, which is why I recommend that you choose a few canvases (in order of preference). I'll try to match requests as much as possible, and pictures will be given to not only family and friends, but strangers, as well. I will wait until after the final deadline to decide who gets what.

Shipping Costs:

Although paintings are given away for free, shipping and handling rates will be requested (unless the picture is picked up in person). I will provide a shipping quote. Shipping costs depend on the weight and size of the package and destination. Typical rates are: $25-35 (small), $40-60 (medium), and $50-95 (large).


Read my blog article, "My Paintings Look Better Framed." None of these paintings currently have frames, but please frame yours if you get one!

What happens next?

Around the first week of December, I will let you know who gets which paintings. You may choose to decline the offer if you are not satisfied with the alternative option selected for you or you don't want to pay the quoted shipping charge. Most paintings will be shipped by mid-December. Unfortunately, there will probably not be enough paintings for everyone.

These paintings are only being made available until November 30, 2021!

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Venice Paintings

I'm giving away 12 canvases that were part of my 2020 "Painting Venice in a Pandemic" project, which I've presented in my blog and video exhibit. Visit the link for much more information about the Venice series.

However, only paintings on this "Available Paintings" page are being offered. They are all the same size (28" x 22").

Click on any picture to enlarge it. Please use the painting's full name and # of any that you are requesting.

Empty Canal Lockdown (#15) ~ Sue Johnson, San Diego, CA 28 x 22 • 2020
Palette for Venice #15

Most Venice pictures will come with a paper palette that I used for that particular painting. Have fun matching the colors!

Venice Homes (#1) ~ Ray & Sally Lemberg, Prescott, AZ 28 x 22 • 2020
Beautiful Day Lockdown (#17) ~ Dylan Ramsey, Solana Beach, CA 28 x 22 • 2020
Grand Canal with Santa Maria della Salute (#6) ~ Tom & Christine Habib, Carlsbad, CA 28 x 22 • 2020


Lockdown Gondolas (#12) ~ Gabe Borquez, Irvine, CA 2020 • 28 x 22
Gondolier George (#14) ~ Patty Barna, Vista, CA 28 x 22 • 2020
Gondolier in 2003 (#5) ~ Ann Cooke, Cincinnati, OH 28 x 22 • 2020

"Gondolier in 2003" is based on footage from a home movie. See the clip in the 8-minute video, "Painting Venice in a Pandemic."

Rumors and Legend

The Legend of the Lockdown Dolphin (#9) ~ Kyle Smith, Los Angeles, CA 28 x 22 • 2020
Dolphin detail

Rumors of dolphins and swans returning to the Grand Canal surfaced, and I believed them when I started these pictures. Actually, dolphins were confirmed off the coast of Sardinia, Italy in the Tyrrhenian Sea—not the Adriatic, where Venice sits. Nonetheless, I liked the symbolism of the dolphin's return and included it in the painting. The swans were at Burano, a neighboring island.

Swans in a Pandemic (#10) ~ Jim & Luanna Quirk, Carlsbad, CA 28 x 22 • 2020
San Michele Sunset (#16) ~ Brenna Towne, Walnut Creek, CA 28 x 22 • 2020

Assorted Landscapes

These ten landscapes are from various travel locations and were painted prior to the 2020 pandemic. A few may look familiar because I offered them previously; and, although they were all requested, for one reason or another they weren't given away.

"Shorebirds" (below) is a small study that provided the inspiration for "Birds on Beach," a nine-foot-wide triptych hanging in my son Neil's home in The Netherlands. This little seascape was painted in 2015, but has never been offered.

Shorebirds (study) ~ Pete Coviello, Carlsbad, CA 20 x 16 • 2015
Anza Super Bloom #3 (The Couple) ~ Kira Klatchko, Palm Springs, CA 2019 • 20 x 16

The Big Diptych!

Morro Rock Series Diptych ~ Cameron Sanford, Morro Bay, CA 2019 • 96 x 36
Morro Rock Series Diptych (left) ~ Cameron Sanford, Morro Bay, CA 2019 • 48 x 36
Morro Rock Series Diptych (right) ~ Cameron Sanford, Morro Bay, CA 2019 • 48 x 36

Note, if you want this 8-foot-wide diptych (2 canvases), please indicate where they might be hung.

Three Quiet Landscapes

Central Park Denver (Snowy Sunset) ~ Steve & Gerry Connolly, Tucson, AZ 2019 • 30 x 15
Near Tilburg #2 ~ Bernadette Sanchez, Sterling, VA 2017 • 14 x 11
Hollister Peak #4 ~ Mary Stein, Albuquerque, NM 2015 • 8 x 10

Chicago, my hometown!

This 2004 Chicago skyline (below) is an early work from before I began using the projector technique that improved my draftsmanship. I remember sitting near the Shedd Aquarium and sketching this scene into a notebook, which I used instead of a photograph when I returned home to Carlsbad. Admittedly, it is rough and kind of funky; but, if someone wants it, I'd like to give it away.


Chicago Skyline ~ Ana Milectic Sedy, San Diego, CA 2004 • 20 x 16