Carlsbad Exhibit & Painting Giveaway

Now on display at the Carlsbad Senior Center is an exhibition of paintings by Carlsbad oil painter Leigh Cohn. Most of the artwork will be given away for free at the conclusion of the show during the week of November 6th. The paintings from the exhibit and instructions for requesting them are shown below.

To request a painting:

• If you'd like to request any of these paintings, please use the Paintings Request Form no later than November 6th, 2023. If you don't receive an acknowledgment to your request within a few days, write to:

• Anyone is eligible to receive a painting, however people from Carlsbad will be given priority.

• Usually more than one person wants the same paintings, so you are more likely to get one if you include alternates to your top selection.

• There is no charge for paintings picked up in Carlsbad (November 13-18). For paintings that need to be shipped, an estimate will be provided for your approval.

Available Paintings:

Saint Malo Beach, Carlsbad 
(2021)  72 x 48
Saint Malo Beach, Carlsbad (2021) 72 x 48

Saint Malo is at the border between Carlsbad and Oceanside at the inlet of the Buena Vista Lagoon. It's the best beach in town to find flocks of birds. This canvas is six-feet-wide and needs a big wall!

Hosp Grove 2021 • 24 x 18
The Last Wave (2022) 24 x 18
Surfs Up at Terramar #3 (Self-Portrait) 2019 • 30 x 24
Closed for Winter 2022 • 20 x 16

Encina Power Plant and its dismantling

Built in 1954, the Encina Power Station (i.e., "Plant"), was an iconic Carlsbad structure. Located at the southwest end of the Agua Hedionda Lagoon, its 400-foot smokestack stood as a beacon for travelers for nearly 70 years. It was decommissioned after a smaller electric generator and desalination plant were built nearby on the property.

Painting the power plant helped me to build a foundation of personal style. Over the next two decades my techniques evolved, and I returned to the power plant from time to time, including its dismantling, which was completed in 2022.

Impermanence Revisited (2022) 60 x 36

Click to watch a 2-minute video of the painting process. Note, this canvas is five-feet wide and needs a big wall.

Encina Power Plant '09 (2021) 20 x 16
Encina Power Plant '13 (2021) • 20 x 16
Carlsbad Beach & Vanishing Power Plant (2022) 36 x 24
Stages of the Vanishing Power Plant (2023) 36 x 18
Across Agua Hedionda ~ 1999 • 36 x 18
Blue Sky Power Plant • Watercolor & Ink (2022) 12x16 framed
Dismantling Power Plant • Watercolor, pen & ink (2022) 12 x 9 framed
Dismantling Power Plant • Watercolor, pen & ink (2022) 12 x 9 framed

Mendenhall Glacier

Mendenhall Glacier, AK: Study (2022) 24 x 18

In 2022, most of my paintings were related to beaches. Some of them were offered to subscribers to my announcements (bottom of page) in exchange for donations to the Ocean Conservancy. The project raised $13,617 preserving the health of our seas.

I painted these two Mendenhall Glacier pictures from a photo taken twenty years ago on an Alaskan cruise. I also wrote a blog article about how climate change is causing this and other glaciers to dangerously melt.

Mendenhall Glacier, AK: 20 Years Ago (2022) 60 x 36

Venice, Italy

While the coronavirus pandemic impacted the whole world in 2020, I painted 20 pictures of Venice, Italy. They included familiar views, beautiful lockdown landscapes, and stormy seas. Part of this project was to make a statement about climate change and included a seven-foot wide, six-canvas composition of the Doge's Palace Flooded. See the whole project and 7-minute video at "Painting Venice in a Pandemic."

The Doge's Palace (#4) 2020 • 28 x 22
Arches Framing San Giorgio Maggiore (#18) 2020 • 28 x 22
Rialto Bridge Flooded (#8) 2020 • 28 x 22
St. Mark's Basilica and Doge's Palace Flooded (#7) 2020 • 28 x 22
Venice Storm (#20) 2020 • 28 x 22
Rialto Bridge Lockdown (#13) 2020 • 28 x 22

Available (not displayed at the exhibit)

The Doge's Palace Flooded • 84 x 66 (six canvases) 2020

When displayed, this unique hexaptych requires a wall space that is at least ten feet wide. For detailed pictures and information, visit "The Doge's Palace Flooded" page.

Last Minute Addition!

Whidbey Island, WA #1 ~ 2018 • 24 x 18

Paintings in Exhibit that are NOT Available:

The Carlsbad Sign ~ On loan from Carlsbad City Hall • Not Available (2015) 48 x 36
Turnaround Beach, Carlsbad (2021) 72 x 48 Not Available  •  On Loan from private party