New Venice Pandemic Paintings

Early on in the pandemic, Italy was severely hit; and now they have the highest death rate for the coronavirus in Europe. But, in the springtime, Venice was locked down and cases dropped. Without masses of people outside, this already picturesque city took on a more poignant beauty, which I tried to capture. on canvas.

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Still Painting in a Pandemic

In the earliest days of isolation, I felt more driven. After all, faced with mortality, it seemed best to fill my days creating art. However, as I settled into a routine at the easel, I came to a more comfortable place within myself. That peaceful feeling is attributable to the enthusiasm so many of you have had for my work. Gone are the doubts that used to regularly pop up, because you’ve already allowed me to fulfill my goal of getting paintings on walls.

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Painting in a Pandemic

Venice Series 1-10

First, I’ll preface this article by saying that I didn’t expect to be blogging so soon about my new series and hope that my readers will appreciate a positive diversion and perhaps even some inspiration in this piece. Early on, while hordes of people were hoarding toilet paper, I was ordering more canvases. Like most…

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