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My Year of Monet #4: His Earlier Paintings Influenced Mine

Featuring 4 of Leigh’s 2019 Paintings After completing the “Paint Like Monet” project (see my last blog article), I painted four more water lilies. For these, I switched up colors and felt looser and freer than I had while concentrating so hard on Monet’s techniques. I returned to the Balboa Park lily pond for a…

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My Year of Monet #2: Painting with Monet’s Techniques

Featuring 2 of Leigh’s 2019 Paintings Monet Painting Sells for WHAT?! Before I describe my use of his techniques, I’m going to react to last month’s $110.7 million sale of Claude Monet’s “Meules” (Haystacks). It broke the record for an Impressionist work of art, but I think Monet would have been disappointed that the price…

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